Thriving business owner’s most valuable resources are time and energy. Through strategic implementation of video assets, they can be unbound from those limitations. Our subscription model is a journey that we’ll take with you every step of the way.


What is your story? During this process we identify what it is that makes up your brand – keywords, imagery, color pallette, typography, and core values. We then determing the characteristics of your ideal clients, exactly what it is they desire, and how to effectively communicate your message to them.


During this phase, we choose from the following video types to implement our messaging:
Video Emailer

The Journey

What can determine the path of a business journey? Tangible results.
From beginning to the next, we will track key performance indicators that will determine the effectiveness of the current strategy. 

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Diamond Package

Skyscraper Package

(each package comes as 3 month subscription)

  • Monthly Strategy Session (60 min)
  • 1 Day of Video Production (6 Hrs)
  • 2 Monthly Video
  • Editing/Graphics (18 hrs)
  • Music Licensing
  • Text Support
  • Video Production Equipment/Rentals
    • Creative Coaching (Bi-Weekly Calls)
    • Monthly Strategy Session (60 min)
    • 2 Days of Video Production (12 Hrs)
    • 4 Monthly HD Videos
    • Custom Trello Board
    • Brand Identity Development
    • Editing/Graphics (36 Hrs)
    • Music Licensing
    • Text Support
    • Video Production Equipment/Rentals