Their work is world-class and you couldn’t ask for better people to work with.

Nancy Bos

Absolutely amazing experience with the service bradly offers. He is very passionated person who will go extra miles to get the job done right! He is great guy to work with! highly recommend him!

James Park

Brad has done some amazing work for me. He’s a brilliant director and is always able to put together a great product even if you weren’t exactly sure of your own vision. He has a knack for catching you at your best on camera and telling powerful stories with his video. All of that and he is a good person who is always looking to be of service. He is the best in the business right now. If you need your business put on the pedestal it deserves to be on, have him put your story on video. You will be glad you did.

Shane Wood

Bradly has such a heart for helping portray what your business is and does for others. He is timely, personable and a hard worker. Highly recommend his work.

Jillian Bateman

He’s not just capturing a single moment, but rather breaking down the very essence of why people do what they do and why you should want to know them.

Every time I watch one of his productions I feel like I know the person on film. It takes a very conscious person to capture a business’s or individual’s culture and tell their story through video and Bradly does just that.

Ashlee Cameron